Choose to do your bit for the environment at the Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay 10K, and join a team of fantastic ‘ploggers’ with title partners Brecon Carreg.

What is plogging?

Plogging is the act of picking up litter and jogging! It was invented in Sweden, merging the Swedish verbs plokka (picking up) and jogga (jogging). It’s a sustainable initiative to help minimise the impact race day has on the host location, as well as meeting new people with Brecon Carreg.

Why choose to plog?

If you want to have an impact on race day beyond running for fast times and medals, choose to be a plogger. The team of ploggers organised by title partner Brecon Carreg are a crucial element to race day, helping us as event organisers to keep the beautiful Bay clean and tidy, while actively helping us to reach some of our environmental goals outlined in the R4W Way.

How do I become a plogger at the Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay 10K?

The team at Brecon Carreg are now recruiting, not only for Cardiff Bay, but for a number of events in 2023. Register your interest by filling out the form below!